Dealing with Substance Use

The stress and anxiety around COVID-19 can exacerbate problem drinking and/or drug addiction. People who are recovering from substance use may be facing serious relapse issues during the coronavirus shelter-in-place orders. The self-isolation and boredom that comes with it can be a trigger to relapse into drug or alcohol use.

Many individuals who had been receiving care may be heeding these orders and abandoning treatment in the short term while rejecting the telehealth opportunities that exist. Still, others who may have planned to get care may be waiting until traditional brick-and-mortar services re-open or the risk of contracting a deadly illness has passed.

Sadly, history tells us this is the wrong approach. Stress and anxiety are often the reasons people turn to substances. This pandemic has turned so many lives upside down, it’s no wonder our community is stressed. When you factor in the problems of isolation, financial instability, chronic fear, and grief, today there are so many reasons that individuals misuse substances. But there are so many options to choose from instead, and Aurora Mental Health & Recovery is here to help.

If you, or someone you love, are misusing substances, please contact a professional today. Early intervention is helpful. Our services are available by calling 303-617-2300, where we offer remote substance use treatment/services.

We also offer 24 hours in-person substance withdrawal management care at our East Metro Detox Facility located at 2206 Victor St
Aurora, CO 80045