Aurora Mental Health & Recovery (AMHR)’s Cultural Development & Wellness Center exists to meet the needs of Aurora’s increasingly diverse population which includes refugees and immigrants from around the world. We recognize the unique challenges and needs of people navigating a new culture, learning a new language, and trying to access care here in Colorado. To that end, our Cultural Development & Wellness Center provides the highest quality of care to clients, centered on 5 main pillars: Customer Service, Access, Comprehensive Services, Outcomes, and Value.

Behavioral Health

Cultural Development & Wellness Center Behavioral Health services are divided into two separate behavioral health clinics here in Aurora. First, is the Asian Pacific Clinic – formerly known as Asian Pacific Development Center (APDC). Second, is the Refugee & Immigrant Clinic – which includes the Trauma Resilience Youth Program (TRYP). Both clinics provide culturally sensitive behavioral healthcare services to our local immigrant and refugee populations.

Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance

Victim Assistance Crisis Line: (720) 394-7909

Our Victims Assistance program provides support to those who have witnessed a crime or are survivors of crime throughout the entire state of Colorado. Our services are confidential and provided free of charge to victims without expectation of reporting or interacting with law enforcement.

Adult Education

Our Cultural Development & Wellness Center Adult Education Program helps immigrants, refugees, non-native English speakers, and others to gain the skills and knowledge they need to be self-sufficient in their community. We have helped countless adult students to learn English, pass the General Education Development (GED) test, apply for citizenship, and more. We have a welcoming school community for all adult learners, regardless of their language, educational background, or immigration status.

In addition to these services, our Adult Education Program provides additional learning opportunities through workforce training, tutoring, and more!

Youth Leadership Academy™ (YLA)

Our Youth Leadership Academy™ (YLA) is an integrated, comprehensive program serving youth in Aurora, Colorado. YLA provides services to foster future leaders in our community, with a mission “to help youth discover their potential to become strong leaders who embrace and balance their cultures and identities.” YLA programming is designed with the following areas of focus: academic enrichment, leadership, career, and social skills development.

Our Youth Leadership Academy™ (YLA) comprises of the following:

  • YLA Aurora Central High School
  • YLA Hinkley High School
  • New American Youth Leadership Council (NAYLC)
  • Share Winter Foundation

Colorado Language Connection (CLC)

Colorado Language Connection (CLC) provides interpretation, translation, transcription, language proficiency assessment, and training for community providers and interpreters. With over 75 languages available, Colorado Language Connection is the leading provider of linguistic and cultural competency resources in Colorado with a proven track record servicing diverse professionals for over 25 years.

Colorado Language Connection is a fee-for-service component of Aurora Mental Health and Recovery (AMHR). Proceeds from services help sustain community programs offered by AMHR, creating a self-supporting, non-profit organization. Utilizing our services is one way to directly support Colorado's immigrant and refugee populations.