Aurora Mental Health & Recovery (AMHR)’s Cultural Development & Wellness Center Behavioral Health services are divided into two separate behavioral health clinics here in Aurora. First, is the Asian Pacific Clinic – formerly known as Asian Pacific Development Center (APDC) and located at 1537 Alton St. Aurora, CO 80010. Second, is the Refugee & Immigrant Clinic – which includes the Trauma Resilience Youth Program (TRYP) and is located at 1504 Galena St. Aurora, CO 80010.

Both of AMHR’s Cultural Development & Wellness Center Behavioral Health clinics provide culturally sensitive behavioral healthcare services to our local immigrant and refugee populations. Each of these clinics provides the same high level of care with an emphasis on the unique needs of our clients. The combination and coordination of these two clinics allows us to serve our increasingly diverse local community with a broad range of mental health services tailored according to each client’s native language and culture.


Asian Pacific Clinic

The Asian Pacific Clinic – previously a program of Asian Pacific Development Center (APDC) – provides a variety of services to clients who represent a wide range of mental health issues from brief, transitory conditions to acute, chronic psychiatric symptoms and disorders. Services are tailored to address the needs of immigrant and refugee status clients.

Issues involving cultural adjustment, such as language, values, customs, and behavioral differences are often intimately associated with the client’s chief complaint. Our current enrolled clients are primarily (but not limited to) Asian persons from Bhutan, Burma, Cambodia, China, Japan, Korea, Laos, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. As a specialty clinic, our behavioral health care services are typically provided in the clients’ native language with bilingual staff who share the same cultural background as the client.

Asian Pacific Clinic is located at 1537 Alton St. Aurora, CO 80010.

Behavioral Health Services at Asian Pacific Clinic

Staff are embedded in their respective communities, and many are considered community leaders. They are trained and experienced with both mainstream systems and the cultural adaptations that must be made. They are “cultural brokers”. The agency takes the role of “bridge” between various systems and the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities.​

We provide culturally competent, community based, and consumer driven services to adults, children, adolescents, and seniors which include:

  • Individual psychotherapy and counseling
  • Groups, couples, and family therapy
  • Psychiatric services and medication management
  • Case management
  • Psychosocial skills groups
  • Health education and prevention
  • Substance use education and prevention
  • Outreach and navigation

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For assistance with referrals to the Cultural Development & Wellness Center Asian Pacific Clinic, please call (720) 839-0162 or email

Refugee & Immigrant Clinic

The Refugee & Immigrant Clinic provides culturally and linguistically tailored mental health and case management services to refugee and immigrant communities in Aurora and beyond. Clients can access services in one of 17 languages spoken by our staff, which include: Spanish, Dari, Pashto, Swahili, Kinyarwanda, Arabic, French, Sango, Burmese, Karen, Tigrinya, Amharic, Nepali, and Urdu.

Our health navigators and mental health clinicians work closely to address both mental health and psychosocial needs. Our therapy services include evidence-based practices appropriate for international populations, including Narrative Exposure Therapy (NET) and Trauma Systems Therapy for Refugees (TST-R).

Our behavioral health services include:

  • Individual, Couples, and family therapy
  • Psychiatry referrals
  • Case management
  • Psychosocial skills group
  • Outreach and navigation

Our navigators come from the primary communities that we serve and are able to offer interpretation, case management, and cultural brokerage to facilitate access, communication, and understanding.

The Refugee & Immigrant Clinic is located at 1504 Galena St. Aurora, CO 80010.

Trauma Resilience Youth Program (TRYP)

Included in the Refugee & Immigrant Clinic is the Trauma Resilience Youth Program (TRYP), a collection of federally supported mental health services for first- and second-generation refugee and immigrant youth, ages 6-24. Our clinicians and navigators provide therapeutic services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate, as well as case management support.

Services include trauma screenings, treatment, and care coordination across settings including schools and other community supports. In addition, TRYP offers community trainings and presentations, as well as consultations to schools, health care centers, and other organizations that interact with the refugee and immigrant communities. TRYP providers support local schools with groups designed to support youth’s bicultural identities.

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