Aid to Agencies Grant

We’re Proud to Receive the Arapahoe County Aid to Agencies Grant

[Updated March 2024]

Once again, Aurora Mental Health & Recovery (AMHR) is a proud recipient of the Arapahoe County Aid to Agencies grant! We are honored to have once again earned the trust of the Arapahoe County board of directors as well as its citizens. As one of the county’s qualifying “Safety Net Organizations” we are dedicated to providing vital mental and behavioral health services to anyone and everyone in need.

For the 2024 grant year, Arapahoe County has awarded AMHR with annual funding in the amount of $180,063 for its Connect to Care (C2C) program. This funding will allow us to continue offering walk-in mental health services at our Connect to Care (C2C) clinic located at 791 Chambers Road, Aurora, CO.

In addition, Arapahoe County has awarded AMHR with $280,000 for its Detox program which provides a number of addiction recovery services to clients struggling with alcohol and drug use.

With the distribution of these funds, the Aid to Agencies grant represents a direct investment in the community – providing state-of-the-art care to Coloradans in need.

[Original Post, March 2023]

The Arapahoe County Aid to Agencies grant program is designed to support community organizations serving the county’s at-risk and underserved populations. The program provides vital resources to organizations providing transportation, food assistance, case management, substance abuse treatment, mental/behavioral health treatment, shelter, domestic violence support, affordable housing, and employment skills training.

For the 2023 grant year, Arapahoe County approved more than 22 awards in amounts ranging from $8,000 to $300,000 per grant. According to the County’s website, “In addition to the competitive grant program, annual funding will be provided to ten agencies that supplement the County’s existing safety net services, with funding caps and stricter reporting requirements on how funds are being used.” Aurora Mental Health & Recovery is proud to be one of those “Safety Net Organizations”.

Under its previous name, “Aurora Mental Health Center”, AMHR was awarded 2023 annual funding in the amounts of $180,063 for its Connect to Care (C2C) program as well as $280,000 for its Detox program.

The funding provided by this grant will help AMHR provide vital mental health and substance use recovery services to Arapahoe County community members this year. We’re proud to have earned the trust of the County’s board of directors and the community at large.