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We help middle and high school youth, who live or go to school in the City of Aurora, get connected with AYO Youth Specialists. They meet with youth and families to get them connected to services and resources, including mentors.

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As the parent/guardian I give my permission for the youth named above to participate in the Aurora Youth Options program. By giving my permission I agree to 1. Allow Aurora Youth Options to report demographics and risk assessment data relating to my child’s participation to AMHR for placement and research purposes, (all information will be reported anonymously and no individual will be identified). 2. Participate in the referral process and will recognize and accept responsibility for the referral 3. Offer support to make the experience a positive one. 4. Allow my student to complete the Youth Survey (this may occur at AYO’s office, a community space, or during school hours). 5. I authorize Aurora Mental Health & Recovery (AMHR) to file any claims for payment of any portion of my bill if covered by a third party, and assign all rights and benefits payable for services to AMHR. You will not be responsible for any kind of fee.