Connect to Care (C2C)

Connect to Care is the front door for anyone interested in our services. In addition to screening new clients, we focus on assessment and intake with the intent to connect clients within the Aurora Mental Health & Recovery (AMHR) system. C2C is a ‘new’ model of service where clients can drop in to get started, rather than wait for an intake. This has allowed an increase in access as well as engagement. C2C utilizes a multidisciplinary core team of therapists, case managers, family support specialists, and administrative staff.

Our program services include clinical case management, individual and group therapy, brief or single session therapy, assessment/evaluations, and crisis intervention. C2C collaborates with nearly all the programs within the AMHR system to ensure that the needs of the clients are being met, which also means a wide variety of client presentations accessing the C2C.

Student Placement Availability and Requirements:

Second-year MA students or Advanced Standing MA Students. We are unable to accept social work students at this time. If interested in the forensics-specific internship express this in your letter of interest.

Please apply below if you are interested in this program. You can choose as many programs as you like in the application process.

*Placements are now closed for 2021. Please check back next year for openings*

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