Broken Resolution? How to set goals that make sense all year long

We’re often asked about our goals and new year resolutions, which are often one and the same. For a lot of us, this can feel like something we should be doing. So we think about what goals we can set, or how the new year’s resolutions we made might not be working out.  

On January 1, starting it may go great. Maybe you got some workouts in, have dropped a pound or two, or are eating better, but soon, that could all be tapering off or might have dropped off altogether.   

For most people, goals are abandoned in January, so, if your New Year’s resolutions have gone to the wayside, you’re not alone. In 1802, over a hundred years after what could have been the start of such a tradition, people were making and breaking resolutions. The problem with setting goals like these is they can feel stressful and leave you feeling discouraged when the outcome isn’t what you wanted. Often resolutions can be too big or too vague.  

Try starting small with changes you’d like to make in your life. Let’s say you want to eat healthier. Instead of having a massive resolution that would upend your kitchen and everything you eat. Start small. Try limiting foods. Think about alternatives to quitting what you’re currently doing to give yourself some grace.   

That also includes knowing why you want to make changes in your life. Are they for personal reasons to bring happiness and wellness? Or do you feel like you should make the change?  

We can feel pressure from every aspect of our lives to be, look like or live a certain way. Treating yourself with kindness comes from answering the above questions and deciding to make a change for the best reason—you.   

When you think of changes as reasonable life adjustments, you can relieve stress, build your awareness and find a sense of accomplishment. Taking the example from above, after making minor changes to eating healthier foods for the past few months, it becomes second nature, leading to a feeling of accomplishment.   

That’s just one possibility; as you go forward into the year, look at what you want to adjust and take it slower, making those changes smaller. Make sure you look at what’s going on in your life to keep everything in perspective.  

It’s perfectly okay to decide to put off a goal if you’ve got a lot going on. Don’t stress yourself out, and who knows what the year might bring. 

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